Official website of 16th FINA World Championships 2015 in Kazan
16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

One year to go

To celebrate one year to go to the 16th FINA World Championships, the Kazan 2015 Organising Committee has prepared plenty of pleasant surprises for citizens of Kazan and people visiting the city. An array of special events dedicated to this occasion will take place on July 24 and August 8.

A gigantic newspaper dedicated to the 2015 FINA World Championships will be opened on July 24 in the square near the Kazan Family Centre. It will be designed to raise people’s awareness of the upcoming World Championships and to unveil some interesting facts about aquatics and legendary figures engaged in water sports. The event will be packed with various activities and games for all comers. Moreover, visitors will be able to have their picture taken on a virtual 3D high diving platform.

On August 8, on the opening day of the FINA High Diving World Cup, a concert will be held in the square in front of the Palace of Farmers to celebrate One Year to Go to Kazan 2015. First Ambassadors for the upcoming World Championships will be revealed at the event. The Kazan 2015 mascots will also be presented.