Official website of 16th FINA World Championships 2015 in Kazan
16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015


Judges and referees

Transport services will be provided for judges and referees between July 17 and August 11, 2015 and include:

  • arrival/departure transfers;
  • transportation to/from competition venues;
  • transportation to/from the Championships Opening/Closing Ceremonies.

The transport plan is developed with the participation of National Federations and FINA experts in accordance with the Championships competition schedule and individual demands for each sport. Dynamic planning allows flexibility in terms of providing transport services, enabling the organisers to make adjustments to the schedule immediately during the Championships, in order to comply with possible changes to event timings.

The following types of vehicles will be used to carry judges and referees:

  • Minivan. Capacity: up to 8 seats. Minivans will transport water polo officials from hotels to competition venues and back.
  • Minibus. Capacity: 12-18 seats. Minibus shuttle service will transport judges officiating individual sports events to/from competition venues.
  • Tourist coach. Capacity: 45 seats. Coaches will transport judges and referees between arrival/departure points and official places of accommodation and provide shuttle service to/from sports venues.

The transportation network carrying judges and referees will be marked with the letters ‘TO’ (Technical Officials) and have a sign displaying the route number and destinations served.

Judges, referees and technical experts will board and unboard buses at specially designated bus stops located in the parking lots next to places of accommodation and at assigned areas near Championships venues.

Information desks will be available during the Championships at places of accommodation, sports venues and arrival/departure points. They will be operated by the transport staff of the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects – the Championships Official Organiser (hereinafter referred to as ‘Official Organiser’) and ensure a quick and reliable provision of transport services to all client groups.

The Official Organiser will provide vehicles to transport judges, referees and technical experts, as well as their luggage and equipment from the Kazan International Airport and railway stations Kazan-1 and Kazan-2 to places of accommodation and back. Buses will park directly at the parking area in front of a venue of arrival and will be dispatched by a transport manager’s command. The transport staff and volunteers will be available to escort technical officials from the arrival hall to buses and their official hotels. Departure transfers will be provided only from places of accommodation. To confirm the date and time of departure, judges and referees need to inquire at an info desk located at their official hotels. Information on the estimated departure time will be made available in printed form at the information desk.

Judges, referees and technical experts officiating individual sports events will have their own shuttle service running from places of accommodation to sports venues and back. The shuttle timetable is drawn based on the Championships competition schedule and allows technical officials to arrive at sports venues 1.5-2 hours before the competitions begin and leave them within 2 hours after their conclusion. Apart from that, special transport arrangements will be made, when needed, for technical meetings and formal events.

Water polo judges, referees and technical officials will be provided with an individual vehicle that will transport them from places of accommodation to sports venues. The vehicle will be assigned to the team for the entire duration of the game and include:

  • early arrival (1.5-2 hours prior to the game) of a vehicle to the boarding area next to a place of accommodation;
  • transportation of technical officials to competition venues;
  • availability of a vehicle at the parking lot during the game officiated by water polo officials;
  • transfer to places of accommodation after conclusion of the game.

Each group of officials will have their own transport timetable. To find out about changes to the schedule, judges and referees can check with a transport manager assigned to an official hotel or competition venue.

Buses will be assigned to transport judges and referees from places of accommodation to the Championships Opening/Closing Ceremonies and back. Boarding a bus travelling to the Ceremonies venue and back will be allowed only at designated areas. Those invited to the Ceremonies will be provided with details of transport arrangement for the Opening/Closing Ceremonies, time of departure and boarding/unboarding areas.

Dry lease

The Official Organiser of the 16th FINA World Championships 2015 in Kazan – the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects – has selected AVIS as a provider of dry lease services.

Championships participants are offered special rental prices. To place an order, please follow the link:,locations,avisinkazan,online_booking or use the QR-code. To get a discount, please use the promo code: 17J20A.